Protect Children and Pets

One of the leading causes of death in children below the age of 5 is drowning. A swimming pool fence or barrier is the second most safe and reliable method, after parental guidance and supervision, of ensuring the safety of children against accidents and hazards caused while swimming.

According to statistics, on average, 700 children drown each year in residential and commercial swimming pools. Drowning is also considered to be an important cause behind both adults and children getting serious, life-threatening injuries and serious physical disorders. The risk to pets is also greater when a house has an easily accessible swimming pool. Swimming pool fences therefore have become an inevitable method of avoiding deaths and accidents caused in swimming pools.

A swimming pool fence becomes extremely necessary in residential swimming pools, especially when toddlers are present in the home. Young children can be difficult to predict and manage and as a result, most swimming pool misfortunes occur while parents are engaged in a phone call, feeding the pet, doing household chores or otherwise distracted. In a brief moment of distraction, a child can run down to the swimming pool area for a closer look and can drown within seconds. Worse yet, many parents who have had a child fall into the swimming pool are shocked by how little, if any, noise is made. So, swimming pool fences are one of the worthwhile options for people who have swimming pools since it acts as a barrier for children and pets, stops them from getting too close to the water and also provides some peace of mind.

Swimming Pool Fence Options

There are many options available to home owners when it comes to erecting a pool fence. The most common and preferred option are removable, mesh swimming pool fences which are very easy for an adult to install and uninstall. This type of fence, often called a baby pool fence or safety pool fence, is mounted on reinforced aluminum poles (only Life Saver offers completely solid poles which are the strongest in the industry) which are corrosion resistant and extremely durable. The poles are extremely light weight and can be carried around easily from one place to another. Most of the baby pool fence manufacturers and suppliers offer customers with both standard as well as customizable swimming pool fence options. However, one important thing to consider is the height of the pool fence, as specified by the local government bodies. Typically, fences need to be a minimum of 1.2 meters or 4-feet tall. The fence should be installed away from walls or trees which can act as support to climb over to access the pool area. Apart from removable swimming pool fences, you can also set up self-locking, self-closing gates to ensure higher pool safety and to avoid access to the pool being left open. It is also highly recommended to add a swimming pool alarm to ensure that if a child or pet should gain access to the swimming pool, that you are immediately alerted.